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Millions of small business owners, just like you, are relying on untrained or under-trained people to support their critical business computer systems. Most simply don't know where to look to find qualified support for their network. Jim Muglia Computer Consulting & Maintenance belongs to a network of Microsoft Small Business Specialists in the U.S.
Jim Muglia Computer Consulting & Maintenance offers technology advice, support, and service specific to your small business. I have gone through specialized training to respond to the special technology needs of small businesses. By focusing on your unique IT needs, I can assist you in making smart technology decisions for your company.
Here are some of the benefits of using Jim Muglia Computer Consulting & Maintenance.
Peace of Mind
Jim Muglia Computer Consulting & Maintenance
has the Microsoft technical training and commitment to support your specific technology challenges.
Jim Muglia Computer Consulting & Maintenance
is an expert in small business technology. Choose and implement the right solution for your business quickly and easily, and save time and money.

"Jim Muglia Computer Consulting & Maintenance understands our concerns as a growing small business. The newly implemented technology upgrades allows them to access our network remotely, determine our technical issues, and quickly respond."
"Jim Muglia listened to our concerns, and offered a solution that we were confident would protect our security and document integration needs. His presence and competency of the Microsoft Small Business server allowed us to entrust our upgraded system with the most sensitive information."